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This project ART Toppling tobacco is a mystery in that I have no idea what is going to happen and how it is going to end. Perhaps I had better put on my bravery armour, for as someone recently said , "Failure always occurs in full view". But I have an optimistic nature so here goes full blast ahead.

First of all, How did it happen? Well I was checking out the park garden near Milsons Point Station for Asthma Weed but more than this weed for disturbing me was the mutitutide of cigarette butts, some of them stubbed out on the new pristine. good looking stainless steel garbage receptacle. Then I spied the boy on the low wall of the garden indulging in you guessed it - a fag, so off I went in school marm mode to berate this boy.

"You aren't at school today ?" I said in preparation for the attack. I put on my pleasant, approachable voice here.

"I'm in Sydney to go to Royal North Shore for some tests", he said, still puffing on his cigarette.

How could I berate this sad solitary boy and as I walked home through more butts dumped on the pavement, I thought how much worse it was when I was at school and even worse than when my father was a young man. 

Then a week later I received the photo of my father as a young man among his companion soldiers somewhere I'm assuming in France about 1917 and to that photo Iin whimsical mood had rosemary, carnations, pears, vegemite ( although vegemite wasn't around in 1917) packets of cards and wattle added. In no way do I dislike the original photo though - it is history after all, but I dearly wished that my beloved father had not been a smoker. In the scheme of things he had a long life but latter years with emphysema is not a good way to finish.

Yesterday I attended his first grandson's funeral that of Clive Ernest Graham who died from lung cancer --- my beautiful nephew who in his job as school principal gave out so much caring and concern to students and their parents. Clive, a wonderful husband to Pam and a great father and grandfather, you and my father are the two most non-judgemental persons I have ever known and as I work on this competition/project, your presence will be with me.

CRITERIA - ART TOPPLING tobacco is about doing DAMAGE to tobacco industry

1. All art forms from traditional with a brush, to text in the form of an anecdote, modern computer generated and sculptors are part of this competition. Songwriters/musicians are welcome too (Sorry, no instrumentalists). Please go to spec required page to view accepted formats.

2. The logo ARTTt can be used in different form by artists who have a different approach. View inspirationsubmissions, and blog to help you.

"Picture, performance, protest, prose, poetry - you name it - if it effectively 'topples' tobacco it has a chance of entry into the competition." - John Bevins (2011 Judge)

NOTE: Bad behaviour of any kind and the leaving of litter should the artist decide on performance or protest will mean that the submission will not be accepted.